Data Storage Houston, TX

Loss of important data is a major reason why many firms lose huge amount of money each year. This problem is further aggravated, if the business cannot resume operations immediately. For your data storage, you can always depend on Sterling Data Storage Houston.


Sterling Data Storage Houston is plausibly a pioneer of end-to-end info backup alternatives and caters to companies of all sizes. Individual companies have real data security concerns but find it hard to choose a trustworthy offsite data storage firm with considerable knowledge. Our proficient team knows just what it takes to handle the specific data security needs of an organization. We offer you an extensive range of solutions, like locked/open file assistance, compressed & data encrypted file storage, email storage, backup sets, and overheating prevention mechanisms like bandwidth/CPU throttling, among others.  Sterling Data Storage Houston is fully aware of our duties to ensure conformity with internationally-accepted business and government standards.

Sterling Data Storage Houston Backup Technology

With regards to synchronization of data, we are highly qualified to secure your data using our quick restore and backup service technology. With various office operations, you will be able to obtain a secure and instant storage of crucial records using an offsite location. This is assured using a search engine which is connected to the server software. As a result, you will have the ability to locate a particular file in an instant. For data storage, you can rely on Sterling Data Storage Houston for our timely services that you will not encounter with any other firms.


Sterling Data Storage Houston has all the important features for your record storage needs such as mailbox restore, encrypted and compressed source/rest file storage, CPU and bandwidth throttling, customizable policies for backup sets, and true open and locked file support. You can always depend on the company’s promise to assist you comply with the requirements set by the government for record keeping and documentation.

Sterling Data Storage Houston Data Center

Do not forget that considerable manpower, time, and cost are necessary to recover any essential information that could be lost due to a number of potential glitches. A few of these include the following: your hard disk crashes, your base station or laptop computer is stolen, your computer or laptop gets infected with a computer virus, your data file gets accidentally deleted, an earthquake occurs, a fire breaks out, or you lose your discs.


Your company need not worry as it could easily recover from any of these disasters with highest confidence. Sterling Data Storage Houston is a service that provides a high level of assurance thanks to its hardware, enterprise level software program, state-of-the-art reliable data center, and Tier4 SAS-70.

 When an enterprise loses information that is critical to its cause, it not only confronts substantial financial losses, but also suffers permanent damage to its reputation. It takes a top-quality data storage provider like Sterling Data Storage Houston to recognize your needs and deal with them effectively.

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